So I guess this is where I give a little background about myself……I’ve been working as a bouncer in the Greater Cleveland area for the past 5 years.  It’s been a pretty strange journey.  Quite honestly one I never saw myself being a part of to begin with, but it’s been a fun and often interesting journey to say the least. 

  I was introduced to bouncing as a wide eyed 23 year old and due to my hard working nature from the summer of my 23rd birthday up until now I’ve held bouncing jobs as a way to supplement my income…..and to get a taste of the night life without going out a being a horses’ ass.

  For me bouncing was a way to keep myself afloat while I was down and out due to unemplyment.  There was a point where I held 3 different boucning jobs at 3 different establishments all throughout the city.  With some big time family issues happening while ya’ll can only imagine what ups and downs I went through. 

 Just to clue you in on my “style” while I’m bouncing;  I’m a guy that will generally give people a heads up if they’re being ridiculous and acting out.  Sometimes it may be several warnings, but like everyone, I have a point where I’ll stop being nice and just tell you get out.  

  Anyway, thanks for comin out and hope ya’ll enjoy some of the stories I share.  Hit me up if there’s something you’d like to know about or have any questions. 



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