Tunnel Vision

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is my first time interacting on this blog in several months. Based on the stats I just looked at for the blog during my absence, I get the distinct impression that my attempt to relay my message through this avenue will be limited. I’ll be frank when I say that matter very little to me.

People’s attention spans really suck these days. It can be surmised that the more time that passes on certain subjects that the less passion people tend to have towards thing they care about. I don’t care to get up on a soap box and preach, but take a recent example in the latest presidential election. Do you think in another few years that anyone is going to give a lying fuck about which ever one of the idiots isn’t elected?

The answer is most definitely not.

The point is that there’s a good chance if you start something and don’t finish it within a certain period of time that your passion for your project or belief will most likely wane. This stands true for most right brained individuals.

I never claimed that I was of my proper faculties. My passion for this project has never waned. I came here to announce that after countless sleepless night, constant creative thinking and much labor, I’m here to say that I’m close.

I’m starting a kickstarter campaign to help garner some funding for my book . If the spirit moves you, please donate and help me get this god damn thing off my chest!


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