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I’m not sure

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

In 2012, I started this thing on some kind of misguided and confused inclination. His named is J Money, and he runs Budgets are Sexy. He’s a rock star and one helluva a model American.

I’m wondering how many people ever even take a gander at the pile of shit I’ve laid out on this thing so far. Re-reading some of the shit I smeared across here years ago, it makes me wonder how people could ever even read more than a few sentences without vomiting from poor grammar and horrid story lines.

Based on the site stat tools, it looks like more than I ever expected.

So it leads me to wonder out loud how far this could go if I was to actually put some effort back into this thing.

The difference between what I was doing then, and what I’m doing now is that I’ve found my voice. A writer without one is like a porn star without sexual organs. There’s just no sense in even trying.

Maybe I’ll be back, and maybe I won’t. I can’t say for certain.