Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

The older I’ve gotten, the more cognizant I’ve become of the fact that I cannot fucking stand it when people waste my time.  I don’t care if it be personally, professionally or otherwise, I cannot stand when people act as if they’re concerned or interested in your general well being for any period of time and the *poof* disappear into thin air. Rarely or never to be seen or heard from again.  Essentially I’m saying I’m sick of being used be people

A lot of people may argue that me working in a bar for the past 6 years has been a rendition of me wasting my own time.  Something I just said I cannot stand.  I’ve been thinking about the reasons why I have continued to show up religiously ever weekend over that time.

When I think about it, what exactly has it given me?  Nothing!  Sure I may have gotten laid a time or 2, but have I met my wife? No. Have I even had anything more than a one night stand come from it?  No way. It certainly hasn’t brought me any closer to any financial goals or personal improvement that I have set for myself either.

I first started working in bar sheerly for the hell of it.  I had no reason to start working in bars.  I pretty much did it on a whim and because I have a friend who asked me because I was a “big motherfucker” .  It wasn’t out of necessity, it wasn’t because I wanted to get out more and meet new people either.  It was simply “because”.

As they say, “life happens”  well it happened for me in a big way, and that “because”  turned into a necessity.  When you have nothing more than a loaf of bread, cheese and mustard in your cupboard and you don;t know where your next meal is going to come from, I suppose that you’ll do anything necessary to provide for yourself or or loved ones.  Thank God I only have myself to worry about and no one else.

However, being the realist I am ….I have to think about the things that the bouncing opportunities have afforded to me. I have been able to slowly rebuild my life my from the very bottom up.  While it is a process and taking time, I managing to make it happen, one night at a time.



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