Well, per my la…

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, per my last installment, I said that I had picked some extra shifts in an effort to bring in some extra some extra cash.  This opportunity is huge because I’ve had some big time life changes recently. Changes  that are screaming at me to get out and do everything necessary to make as much money as possible.  So the plan is to do just that……if I have to run myself into the ground doing it, I’m going to succeed and get to where I want to be. 

  Now for anyone who’s ever been in college knows that Thursday nights are generally the biggest night to party on just about any college campus.  “Thirsty Thursday” are chock full amatuers and stupidity.  The area I work in recently had one of the only other establishments shutter it’s doors after a long run in the area.  Now what this means for my bar is overflow from their closing.  The place was notoriously more rowdy and unsettled than the one I work at. 

  We’re now in the 2nd week of dealing with this closing, and it has not been an easy transition for us to deal with to say the least.  Last week on Thursday we had soem horses as take the top of toilet tank in the men’s room and shatter it agianst the wall.  Good thing for that idiot, the local PD was in the bar to help us clear out at the end of the night and they arrested him before we kicked the shit out of him for fighting with the bartenders and destroying the property.

  So this past Thursday wasn’t any different than the past…..a large rowdy mass of drunken, sloppy twenty-somethings running amok.  The influx of people generally starts around 11 pm, and doesn’t subside until we either stop letting people in.  So things get crazy very quickley. 

  There’s a door on the back of the bar, right by the restrooms which lead to the back emplyeee parking lot.  When properly secured it can only be opened from the inside.  Thursday night this door nedds to be monitored contstantly because all these little shits like to either prop it open or just flat out let their friends right in.  I caught at least a dozen people trying to sneak in this way or trying to let thier friends in this way.  It’s honestly one of the easiest things I do because it’s a black and white issue.  Usually when you catch someone in the act, there’s little argument and they go peacefully, so compared to some of the other bullshit that goes on, it’s a pretty easy issue to deal with. 

  Another big issue is all these sneaky little bitches bringing in outside alcohol in their luggage sized purses.  This past Thursday I had an experience in dealing with this that demostrates the kind of stuck mentality I have to deal with every week.  I caught a girl blatantly drinking a 16 oz can of Bud Light in the middle of the bar this past Thursday…….we dont serve that.  So as you could imagine when I saw her, I took the can and told her she needed to leave. 

  At first, she wasn’t very resistant.  However it she quicklery turned to the “I want your name”  to which my response was that “It’s none of your fucking business” .  So then she proceed to tell me that the “customer was always right”, and that he parents owned that exact type of restaurant in a different city…..to which my response was that “So that means your a spoiled cunt and havent had to work a day for anything in your life” 

  I guess she didn’t take to kind to that because started jamming her finger into my chest and continued to ask my name.  I don’t exactly take kindly to being poked at, or being told that I’m a loser because I’m working, trying to make my life a little bit better.  Her and no one else on this planet, regardless of how much money that have or their family has is any better than me.  As a matter of fact, I’d rather bust my ass working than live off of old money that I didn’t have a hand in helping earn.   Suffice to say that when the finger came out, I grabbed it and escorted her to the door real fast…. And to the darling young lady who is going to “have me fired” because I caught you with the cans of beer….fuck you cunt.  Your face looks like the stuff that my dog leaves in tightly coiled piles on my back lawn. 

  Alright ya’ll;  I’m off until next time. 



  1. Bark says:

    Still alive? Lol

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