I got written up

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello loyal readers! What’s shakin out there? 

  Sorry for the lat post this week guys, but I’ve been down sick for a solid 4 days now and that’s on top of a strained muscle in my neck that has me walking around like a some kind of  freak.  As you can imagine this trying to be a bouncer when your half concious because your doped up on cold meds and with throbbing pain in the neck it’s not such a fun experience. 

  So I came with a some what crappy attitude due to the health circumstances it didn’t start my night out on the greatest note.  However, being the night before Easter I wasn’t anticipating too many people to be out and actin a fool. 

My anticipation proved to be right as the night wore on because there wasn’t a damn thing that happened. It was one fo those magical evenings that all bouncers should revel in because they don’t along too often.  No one got mouthy, no one fought, no one did anything worthy of throwing out. 

One event worthy of note was the return of my dear sweet friend “Bob” from St. Patty’s Day.  the man came into the bar and the first he did was extend his hand to apologize for “being such a fucking asshole.”   In this day and age with bars full of Jersey Shore knock off,  pussy hipster douches, and faggy frat boys apologies for nto being able to handle your booze are something from a long age.  So needless to say that this was shocking to me.  We actually talked for a few minutes and he actually didn’t seem like too bad of a guy.  He could’ve been puttin me on, but who knows? 

So aside from Bob’s apology the night ended without any incident at all. 

In other developments, as you may remember from a past post, this fucking bully “Ed” who I’ve been dealing with intermitently for the past 10 months?  Well as it turns out not only is he a bully who gets beer balls, but he’s also a pussy.  He had had the fortitude to write a complaint letter to the corporation I happen to work for.  Now this isn’t the first time he’s done it either.  The last time I threw him out for threatening me and acting like an ass he wrote one too.  The general manager offered for him and his friends to come and have a sit down chat with him…..face to face, like adults do.  Those cowarss never showed and nothing was ever resolved. 

So this coward has the balls to come back continually and harrass me, but will have nothing to do with extending a peace offering?  It’s young men like him who give my entire generation a bad name are all that is wrong with the world tofay………  With all due respect sir…you Ed can go fuck your mother. 

That’s all I have for this week kids.  Behave out there : )



Hit me up if ya want to hear about something specific or have any questions…




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