A Thin Line

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized


Has anyone of you ever been pushed so hard by someone or a situation that it drives you to brink of insanity? 

This past weekend, I had a situation come up which made me question that very fact about myself.  Here’s a lil backround..

About 10 months ago, I had a run in with a patron who told me he was going to “beat my ass”.  Short story, he didn’t and infact was the one on the outside looking in when I threw him out of the bar.  This was followed by him and one of his lacky friends posturing and being held back by friends.  The idiot who said that to me has yet to be seen again (he allegedly lives out of town).  His lacky friend however, has shown his face several times around the bar I work at since. 

Every single time the lacky (who from this point we’ll call him Ed) has come into the bar, he has not only attempted to bait me into a physical confrontation but he’s also  degraded and demeaned just about everything about myself, and also insulted my family.  It goes without saying that several times since the intial run in, I’ve shown Ed’s ass to the door.  It got to a point where they started coming in and doing the same thing with patrons and my coworkers. 

 The last time this happened, Ed was told he was no longer welcome on the premisis. 

It’s my firm belief that some people in this world are born to derelicts and bullies.  In this time frame Ed has proven himself to be nothing more than that.  A common bully, a cheap dimestore hood who needs to make others around him miserable so he can feel better about his own pathetic life. 

What Ed fails to realize is that I hate bullies.  Being a victim of them gowing up, I do not respond well when people think they’re going to get one over on me & physically intimdate me (which Ed doesn’t) or continually do so through words and actions. 

This past weekend, apprently Ed and his boys got liquored up enough to work up the balls to come in.  As a bouncer, these situations will come up from time to time, where an idiot will try and test your meddle.   Generally in these situations I’m perfectly fine, as long as you don’t both me, I’m not going to go out my way to stir unnecessary situations with anyone.  I just want to collect a check and call it a day. 

Ed however has taken this to the next step with the continuation of this matter over the past 10 months. In my book it’s now become personal.  Everyone’s been thrown out of a bar before, myself included.  Either don’t come back, or conduct yourself like a man and apologize for being an asshole the next time you come in. 

The second Ed and his boys walked in this past weekend I recognized him.  I told him he knows he’s not welcome there and take a walk.  When he refused I helped him find the door : ), which luckily for him was too far away.  I was working with another guy that night but that didn’t really make too much of a difference.   

   After I gave him the boots, the following moments were like a an old fashioned stand off between 2 groups of gun slingers in the Old West, each side waiting for the other to draw first.  After several minutes of trashing talking back and forth…..which I should have known better and turned around and went inside, Ed decided he was going to approach me again. 

Figuring that we were going to thrown down anyway, I stepped out of the confines of the bar and onto the sidewalk.  Anyone who knows anything about the bar scene  knows that this is where all liability is lost and it’s man v. man.  This was a total breach of bouncer etiquette

It was at this point when I look back a question my sanity.  I went mad with anger from all these months of berating and bullying.  Ed was stopped by his friends and never made it to me.  I began to scream….so much so that I couldn’t control the spit coming out of my mouth.  I told him “You obviously want to fuck me or fight me because you keep coming back here…..Let’s do it”  I was pounding my chest and the sidewalk (ala Bobby Hurley style for you Duke fans out there). I did it so hard that I had finger prints on my chest and triceps and hands hurt the follwoing day from the pavement.

 I cannot recall a time in the recent past when an individual has maddened me so much.  Surprisingly the local poilce dept never showed up, and fearing for Ed’s safety his boy pushed him across the street. 

I most certianly am not proud in the least of that poor showing and loss of professionalism I had this past weekend.  However trying seeing from this side.  How would each and everyone of you react if someone had been doing this to you for 10 months? 

Ed and I have some unfinished business to attend to, except next time he will not make get the better of my emotions.  I’ll let the professionals handle it and Ed’s getting arrested the next time he shows his face around my bar. 

Have a great week ya’ll and do not tolerate bulliying in any form.  It’s not right, and no who breaths the same as you do is better than you….no matter what your situation or circumstances may be. 

Thanks for taking the time read everyone.  Make it a great week and as always don’t forget to tip your servers and bartenders : )

 Hit me up if you have any questions or suggestions: bouncersmanifesto@hotmail.com



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